8 Beers to Drink This Valentine’s Day

If you’re trying to find just the right beer for Valentine’s Day this FeBREWary, look no further! Whether you’re indulging by yourself, or searching for a gift for that special beer lover in your life, this list is full of delicious selections for your enjoyment!

Bruery Terreux Goses Are Red

Bruery Terreux – Goses Are Red

Style: Gose

ABV: 5.3%

Color: Pink/Rosé

Aroma: Fruity, sour, oak

Taste: Fruity, tart, spice (coriander), salty, oak, crisp

Bonus Info: Wheat-based beer aged in an oak foeder with grapes; reminiscent of a rosé wine

Beachwood Strawberry Provence

Beachwood – Strawberry Provence

Style: Fruit Lambic

ABV: 6.9%

Color: Orange/Pink

Aroma: Strawberry, funky

Taste: Fruity, tart, sour, funky

Bonus Info: A barrel-aged Brett saison from Propagation Series 2.6e5

Boulevard Love Child #8

Boulevard – Love Child No. 8

Style: American Wild Ale

ABV: 9.0%

IBU: 9

Color: Pink/Orange

Aroma: Funky, fruity

Taste: Funky, sour, fruity, tart

Bonus Info: Boulevard’s Love Child series feature a blending of multiple vintages of a Flanders-style sour red ale with a sour Belgian-style golden ale

Alesmith My Bloody Valentine

Alesmith – My Bloody Valentine

Style: American Amber/Red Ale

ABV: 6.66%

IBU: 32

Color: Deep Mahogany Red/Crimson

Aroma: Citrus, floral, piney, earthy

Taste: Sweet, caramel, dry finish

Bonus Info: Also try the Halloween version: Evil Dead Red Ale

Sam Smith Chocolate Stout

Samuel Smith – Organic Chocolate Stout

Style: English Stout

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 28

Color: Black

Aroma: Chocolate

Taste: Chocolate, creamy

Bonus Info: Organic, vegan, brewed with well water

Rogue Chocolate Stout

Rogue – Chocolate Stout

Style: American Stout

ABV: 5.8%

IBU: 69

Color: Ebony/Black

Aroma: Chocolate, spicy, fruity, herbal, floral

Taste: Bittersweet chocolate, oats

Bonus Info: Pairs well with beef dishes or decadent desserts


Rogue Double Chocolate Stout

Rogue – Double Chocolate Stout

Style: American Stout

ABV: 8.8%

IBU: 68

Color: Ebony/Black

Aroma: Chocolate, spicy, fruity, herbal, floral

Taste: Bittersweet chocolate, oats

Bonus Info: 2010 World Beer Championships gold medal winner

Evil Twin I Love You With My Stout

Evil Twin – I Love You With My Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 12.0%

Color: Black

Aroma: Alcohol, chocolate

Taste: Chocolate, roasty, alcohol

Bonus Info: A variation of their Even More Jesus offering

The Bruery White Chocolate

The Bruery – White Chocolate

Style: Wheatwine

ABV: 13.8%

Color: Deep Golden Amber

Aroma: Chocolate, vanilla, sugary, alcohol

Taste: Barrel/woody, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, honey, caramel, alcohol

Bonus Info: Started from a base beer called “White Oak Sap,” it’s aged in bourbon barrels for about a year, then receives a generous helping of vanilla beans and cacao nibs

With plenty of styles to choose from, you’re sure to pick just the right beer to enjoy this Valentine’s Day!

Pro tip! If you’re looking to really do it right this year, try pairing one of these tasty beers with some chocolate covered strawberries or some beer-inspired chocolates! Both chocolate and beer can be aphrodisiacs and cause feelings of euphoria, but remember not to over-indulge, otherwise you could end up with the opposite effect!